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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 19, 2014 1:22am-1:31am EST

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>> sensationalism murder and mayhem mudslinging and disasters i edited it together with david mueller in ombu dhabi. is essentially it is an interesting thing because it as all different kinds of forms but only to research and in that. because it is as much entertainment as it is shock.
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but with the chapter by joe campbell in to is written about the only journalism of the of 819th century and he wants us to take another look at yellow journalism as a positive of the muckraking aspect to tell the truth what is going on. and we do have to remember that. the other thing is coming to america in the 1830's the ignition from the french government had a very good look at america at that time and said it is essential to
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american democracy. he said it is a very good thing also. it is very interesting. the book does not make a naked a judgment about sensationalism is with every story skipping centuries through 1927 was in the elected chamber and appeared on the front page of the daily news so this has been going on a long time and it is essential to our democracy 70 you feel that
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has changed? >> it changed throughout this century. it has been around to the with the beginnings of the sensationalism has to do with politics. the scandal mongering of the late '70s hundreds jefferson the press was after them horribly that is the same at this moment but it goes through different periods at different times i had a french who used to talk
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about kennedy when he was a reporter every betty kept a private list who jack kennedy was sleeping with buck nobody ran the story. but i am not sure. nobody read with the eisenhower question as a matter of fact it did not come out until the '70s when it was revealed also the of lover of the of mafia don then suddenly there were lots of stories but it has changed from the '60s to the '70s and again in the 19th
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century press was lots and lots of little political newspapers with the steam engine and the press to have a big mass circulation to be up press we went to every betty so crime stories became a big thing. newspapers actually reagan from the stories on purpose just for the entertainment value then they would say no. then this went on throughout the 19th century as well
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as disasters here and now as it was front-page news. now the newspaper business became more air more mass circulation so with hundreds of thousands of the end of the century it is either/or. either the topic is sensational or the treatment or the degree of treatment.
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the adjectives is the tone horrible adjectives 50 times what they say about president obama has a private citizen would be in did the worst imaginable language but in the '50s and '60s it was unheard of absolutely unheard of for a the network commentator to make negative comments of the united states president. >> a particular thing lot would it be? >> the way be understand
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ourselves today is but understanding our history. [applause] [laughter] [aus


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